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About lori

When my kids were little, I was exhausted, depleted, cranky, stressed, and I couldn’t lose the baby weight no matter what ‘diet’ I tried. It took decades to figure out not only what to eat, but how to create the habits to keep me on track forever.

Now in my 50’s, I feel lighter, fitter, stronger and have more energy than ever before.

Today I help moms like you figure out what to eat to get the most energy and how to create the healthy lifestyle habits that fit into your busy schedule.

“Lori is a deep level coach, someone that helps me look deeper into myself, appreciate what I’m already doing, and encourages me to do more.” —PATI

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Client Results

“Lori has allowed me to take a deeper look at myself. Through her health coaching program, I now feel better, look better and I’m becoming a better person. It was much more than I could have ever expected when we started the program. I’m not only prioritizing healthy eating, I’m also prioritizing healthy feelings about myself — which is just as important for me on this journey. I have experienced personal growth and changed my attitude from discouraged to grounded. Thank you, Lori.” — PATRICIA