You want to be healthy. You want to be strong. You want to look good, feel great and age well.

without feeling deprived or following strict programs or complicated regimes.

… but you need support to get there

Get health coaching backed by 20 years of experience and client results

Being healthy is hard and if you’ve tried to be healthier in the past but it didn’t work, I’m here to help. Drawing on 20 years of experience, I support clients in establishing healthy habits through tailored-for-you coaching. No restrictive diets or cookie-cutter rules involved.

You may be struggling with your self-care and feeling:

The worst part is you feel overwhelmed and out of control. You know you can be a healthier version of yourself, and you want to be, but you don’t know how to start or what to do to get there.

I can help!

Finally get the support you need to make the lifestyle changes you want

I am in my 60s and over the years I have become unhealthy. The Covid years cemented my unhealthy lifestyle. Working with Lori has been an amazing journey and transformation. Lori’s guidance and support helped me to focus on my goal of establishing healthy habits. Lori provided the tools, feedback & positive energy that empowered me. I lost 35 lb and cut my very high cholesterol levels in half. I am more mindful than I have been in years. I started meditating, stretching & being more active. Working with Lori has been a positive, valuable experience. So much so, I am still Lori’s client. I wholeheartedly recommend Lori to anyone who wants to make significant health changes.


You CAN feel vibrant as you move through different stages of life
Whether you’re newly postpartum, an older mom or retired, I can help you:

Most importantly, you’ll get the support and accountability you need to feel confident that you’ll stay on track for the long run

Never let one bad choice derail you again

Working with you has helped me so much! Now I am eating better,
meditating regularly, stretching every day and just overall feel great! At this point, the things we started feel ingrained and I don’t see too many things
that will throw me off and derail me at all.

I work with clients with a range of issues, including:

Finally lower your biomarkers

Since working with Lori my cholesterol has gone down, my blood
pressure has gone down, my A1C has gone down. I know exactly what to
eat and how to move my body in order to keep it that way. I’ve got the added bonus of being more connected with purpose in my life.


You can take charge of your life again

Lori is very supportive and frames things in a way to foreground the positive. I would definitely recommend Lori as a coach! Her expertise is in the area of health and nutrition and wellbeing, but she would be an excellent coach for anyone who wants to make positive changes in any sphere of life. The way Lori grounds in the big intention and connects that intention to the building blocks is very powerful.


Programs created from 20 years of experience and client results

This isn’t another cookie-cutter program. It’s tailored-for-you support to help you create the changes you want.

Now I make conscious choices and feel empowered in all realms spiritual, physical and emotional. I’ve got a therapeutic and holistic approach to my life and it’s working!


I won’t make you feel embarrassed or ashamed of anything. Promise.

Hi, I’m Lori Colombo. I’m a National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC). For more than 20 years I’ve supported clients to feel fully alive and vibrant.

My work with clients is work—but it’s fun work.

You don’t have to follow some complicated
regime or new trend. You don’t have to calorie count, weigh your food, fast or cleanse. You don’t have to commit to hours and hours at the gym or on your meditation pillow. You don’t have to use Goop products.

You do need to prioritize your self care, discover how the ‘core four’; healthy eating, regular movement, stress management and social support can be integrated into your lifestyle based on what’s truly important to you. Then step by- step develop the habits that are the road to feeling balanced, strong, confident, in control and vibrant! I can help!