Do you commute to work then spend your day at your desk?

Do you go for hours without moving?

Do you go so far as to limit your water intake so you won’t have to get up to pee?

Do you want to exercise more, or at all, but can’t quite figure out how to fit it into your busy day?

Many of my clients struggle to figure this out and it’s making them feel sluggish and gross.

One common mistake they make is thinking that exercise has to be something like going to Crossfit at 6am 5 days a week or training for  a marathon.

And hey- if you love gettin’ up before dawn to hit the gym, absolutely- go for  it! I have lots of clients and friends who do.

I tried that once. Hated it. Would much rather stay cozy in bed.

The point is your exercise routine can be waaaaay simpler. And more fun.

In fact, it should be. (unless you love that 6 am boot camp)

You’re much more likely to stick with an exercise plan if it’s something you love to do, brings you joy, gives you energy and makes you feel radiant.

One of my clients commutes 3 hours a day. Even though she has a standing desk, she usually sits. She eats well, mostly veggies and protein,  but she’s 25 pounds overweight. She knows she needs to exercise, but when?

After chatting for a while, we made a plan.

We figured out that she could walk every day during her lunch break.

In fact, I made her whip out her smart phone right then and there and create a recurring appointment.

Noon. Monday through Friday. Walk with self.

I also made her set an alert and make a note to herself to put her walking shoes in her car.

Now, it still took her a few weeks, a bit of willpower and accountability to make it happen, but she is well on her way to creating a habit of exercising that fits into her busy schedule.

Do you need help figuring out how to fit exercise into your busy life? If the answer is yes, email me now and we can set up a time to talk about how to create an exercise schedule personalized just for you.