Health Coaching

Let’s be honest.

You want to be healthy… You want to eat well, get to the gym, feel balanced and have plenty energy to manage your busy schedule.

But the truth is…you prioritize your work and family, which leaves you no time to focus on you.

You’re stuck in an unhealthy eating pattern…hungry all the time, craving carbs and sugar, crashing after lunch.

On top of that…your clothes don’t fit and you sure don’t feel sexy.

You feel out of control when…you go to the Whole Foods hot bar but can’t get past the Mac and Cheese because you’re starving.

You’ve got no will power when…you go to the vending machine to get a bag of almonds but get a Snickers bar instead.

You feel guilty when…you’re disciplined all day long, then stand over the sink after dinner eating the leftover pasta off your kid’s plate.

And you have to have something sweet after every meal.

“I feel so much better…not crashing!
I’m getting balanced and I’ve lost weight already!” —RENEE

The extra weight makes you feel sluggish and heavy.

You’re cranky and exhausted.

The things you’ve tried before don’t work and you’re secretly afraid your body will never get back to where it was before.

You want so badly to lose the weight and have more energy…so you start yet another diet but after just a few weeks, life throws you a curve ball and you’re off track again. Then you feel frustrated and annoyed because you aren’t making any progress.


The real truth is that diets and deprivation don’t work. What you do need is to create healthy habits that fit into your busy lifestyle and keep you on track for the long haul.

“Great news I am doing so well, exactly what we talked about and it’s worked! I’ve lost a few more pounds, my smaller pants are fitting me, I feel so good. I don’t feel deprived. I’m so happy.” —LINDA

When my kids were little, I was exhausted, depleted, cranky, stressed, and I couldn’t lose the baby weight no matter what ‘diet’ I tried. It took decades to figure out not only what to eat, but how to create the habits to keep me on track forever.

Now in my 50’s, I feel lighter, fitter, stronger and have more energy than ever before.

Today I help moms like you figure out what to eat to get the most energy and how to create the healthy lifestyle habits that fit into your busy schedule.

“Lori is a deep level coach, someone that helps me look deeper into myself, appreciate what I’m already doing, and encourages me to do more.” —PATI

Isn’t it time to make you a priority too?

“The greatest gift I have gotten from working with Lori is the gift of hope that change is possible not just for others but for me as well. “ —SOPHIA

If you’re finally ready to make the lifestyle changes that fit into your busy schedule so you can have more energy and feel lighter and more confident—I can help!


…fitting comfortably in your jeans

…walking right past the candy bowl at the office without the slightest urge to indulge

…not needing an afternoon pick me up and skipping the 4pm pastry and coffee

…confidently river rafting on a school field trip

…feeling sexy in that black cocktail dress you’ve got tucked in the back of your closet

Yes, it’s possible for you!  One-on-One Health Coaching

My one-on-one individualized health coaching program takes you step-by-step until you reach your goals.

You get my expertise and undivided attention to build your new habits week-by-week so you can feel like yourself again.

“Our sessions helped me get out of the all or nothing cycle…
now it’s a lifestyle and what’s normal eating, Lots of LOVE and THANKS!”

This program is for you if you want to:

• Lose weight
• Boost your energy
• Get rid of those sugar and carb cravings|
• Feel more in control
• Increase your confidence
• Wipe out guilt
• Love your body
• Create healthy habits to last a lifetime

Here’s what you’ll learn:

• The key principles of healthy eating that you can apply to any situation
• Exactly what foods give you the most energy
• Ways to include indulgences so you never feel deprived
• What’s causing your food cravings so they no longer control your life
• The triggers that derail you and tools for getting you back on track fast
• How to develop a personalized food plan that fits into your busy schedule
• Exactly what it means to listen to your body and how to do it
• Ways to manage your stress and anxiety

You’ll also get:

• A personalized supplement regime
Up to 20% off on top-rated supplements
• Add-on options for meal replacement shakes and bars for your convenience

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