What should I eat? That is the the question.

The answer is- I don’t know. It depends.

Are you Vegan? Paleo? Gluten free?

How’s your digestion?

What I do know, is that you want to eat to balance your blood sugar so you
have sustained energy all day.

So, what are the best foods to balance your blood sugar?

Carbohydrates. Yes, you heard me. You want to eat carbohydrates.

But you want to eat the carbs that break down slowly. The low glycemic
carbs or what I lovingly call, the slow carbs.

What are slow carbs?

Slow carbs are pretty much all veggies, most fruit, many whole grains and
whole grain breads (that’s whole grain, not whole wheat) Legumes have
both slow carbs and protein. Nuts and seeds have slow carbs, protein and
healthy fats.

When you eat, you want to fill your plate with lots of slow carbs,
mostly in the form of vegetables, some healthy protein and healthy

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