health coachingI got on the phone with a client the other day.

She was in a foul mood. Really cranky and pissed off. She definitely did not feel like having her health coaching session but called anyway. She knew I was expecting her call. Plus she has already paid for her session whether she showed up or not.

We’d only been working together for about a month and she’s been doing great.

She’d already lost 6 pounds, and was making better choices. She had completely stopped going to Peet’s Coffee on her way to work to pick up a pastry and a fancy drink because she was eating a good breakfast every morning. She never ran down midday to get a quick pick me up because she didn’t need it.

And she wasn’t even trying to stop those particular habits. They naturally fell off because her appetite and energy levels were so good and she no longer had those midday crashes and cravings.

But this week she was starting to slide off track (which is typical about week 4) She went out of town over the weekend and had no food for dinner all week. She ate ‘kid’ food instead.

She also didn’t go for walks like she said she would.

So, we’re talking and I’m asking her questions, trying to get to the root of the issues.

As she’s talking she’s starting to understand why she doesn’t want to get up and go for walks in the morning and why it’s actually better for her to go to the gym instead.

She’s also realizing that she needs to have some ‘healthy’ frozen food in her freezer next to the ‘kid food’ she has stocked for her son.

She realizes that talking it though with someone who is present and listening is helping her understand. She also realizes that having accountability and expert advice are key to making the changes she needs to make in order to reach her goal- to feel transformed; lighter, balanced, more energy and to know that she is doing everything she can to support her long term health!

Without a health coach, she would never had been able to figure all of this out or be able to execute on her discoveries.

She also wouldn’t know what changes to make? What’s a healthy breakfast? What are healthy snacks? What kinds of dinners will help her feel satisfied and still help her meet her goals?

She felt soooooo much better after our conversation.

That is why you need a health coach. To help you understand what changes you need to make, how to make them and what’s getting in the way. A health coach will hold you accountable and help you feel hopeful, radiant and empowered. just like my client did.

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