Vibrance one on one coaching will help you prioritize your self-care and create a positive relationship with your body one empowered choice at a time so you can feel confident that you will be well and active into your 50s, 60s, 70s and beyond!

I guide you to:

  • Get clear on your true vision and realistic goals for your mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing
  • Create simple, manageable, and yes, fun, self-care routines that you can rely on like a good friend to help you stay committed
  • Become conscious of what your body truly loves and what gives you the most energy
  • Rewrite the stories you tell yourself about why you can’t stick to your health routines
  • Embrace the gift of aging with grace and compassion fueled by positive action and daily motivation

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Vibrance Signature Program Details:

  • Six-month commitment to creating your most vibrant self

  • 2 Private 1:1 coaching sessions per month

  • All sessions are virtual (I meet with you wherever you are)

  • Free access to a HIPPA compliant App to easily journal your food and lifestyle choices

  • On going help implementing your medical providers’ recommendations

  • Clear action steps to move you forward to achieving your goals

  • Accountability and support to stay on track with your health


    (other program options may be available based on your individual needs)

Vibrance Introductory Package

If you’re not ready for the full commitment of a 6 month program and want to get a taste of the coaching work, the Vibrance Introductory Package may be right for you…

This three-session package is a deep dive to help you get clear on your vision and goals, which is always the first step of a successful coaching program. After which, you can go off to implement on your own, or you can follow up with the Vibrance Signature Program — your choice!


Either way, It starts with a free consultation … click below to book yours.

“Lori’s coaching is very robust and specific.”

“Lori doesn’t slide off what might be my general vague response, but instead works on helping me find the specific language to bring something into awareness.”

“Lori gives very useful practical suggestions, focusing on goals (the overarching reasons for the work) and the sometimes tiny, practical steps toward them.”

“Lori has deep knowledge about many interrelated human systems, physical and psychological, and can explain them in useful ways. It’s a great combination of holding the big picture, while at the same time understanding all the little things that go into the whole.”

“Lori is non-judgemental. I never felt embarrassed or ashamed about anything. She seems like she knows how to work with what IS, going from there and always promoting and encouraging choice and freedom.”

“Lori is very supportive and frames things in a way to foreground the positive.”

“I would definitely recommend Lori as a coach! Her expertise is in the area of health and nutrition and wellbeing, but she would be an excellent coach for anyone who wants to make positive changes in any sphere of life. The way Lori grounds in the big intention and connects that intention to the building blocks is very powerful.”

“Lori has allowed me to take a deeper look at myself. Through her health coaching program, I now feel better, look better and I’m becoming a better person. It was more than I could have expected when we started the program. I’m not only prioritizing healthy eating, I’m also prioritizing healthy feelings about myself—which is just as important to me on this journey. I have experienced personal growth and changed my attitude from discouraged to grounded. Thank you, Lori.”

“Lori is a deep level coach, someone that helps me look deeper into myself, appreciate what I’m already doing, and encourages me to do more.”

“Our sessions helped me get out of the all or nothing cycle. Now it’s a lifestyle. Lots of love and thanks!”